Expedia Flip Flop Survey: 40% Indians workout to get beach-ready Indian beach vacationers most conscious about their ‘looks’ at beach -26% have postponed vacations to get in shape 95% Indians likely to head to beaches this year, highest globally

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Expedia Flip Flop Survey: 40% Indians workout to get beach-ready Indian beach vacationers most conscious about their ‘looks’ at beach -26% have postponed vacations to get in shape 95% Indians likely to head to beaches this year, highest globally

New Delhi, July 8, 2013– Expedia.com®, the world’s largest online travel agency, today released the results of the 2013 Flip Flop Report, an analysis of behavior and preferences among beachgoers in Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. The survey highlights the maturation of Indian travelers, as they prefer to do their own research, consult reviews, blogs and social media while planning their vacation. This survey was conducted online from April 19 to May 15 across Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and South America by Harris Interactive among 8,606 respondents in 21 countries.

“The survey shows a clear evolution of Indian travelers with respect to planning and booking behaviour. Their reliance on third party reviews when choosing a holiday destination has increased. Indians globally ranked 1st in consulting traveler reviews (62%), travel guidebooks (58%), travel magazines/TV shows (54%) and 2nd in consulting social media (42%), news stories (42%) and travel blogs (47%). In fact, nearly nine in ten (89%) of vacationers who traveled or plan to travel internationally felt that it was important to learn the local culture and history of their international beach vacation destinations. Keeping this evolution in mind, we launched verified customer reviews last year, to enable the Indian traveler make an informed decision,” said Vikram Malhi, General Manager, South and South East Asia, Expedia.

“We saw that while online booking is picking up at an exponential rate, 27% of the respondents used smartphone/tablet platforms to make their bookings. Many of them even lapped up last minute package flight/hotel travel deals, at about 47% - that was 4th highest globally. To help Indian consumers satisfy their hunger for great deals, Expedia offers 18,000 deals at all times across flights, hotels and activities on a website that is also easily accessible on mobile and tablet platforms,” Malhi added.

Appended are the detailed findings of the survey:                                                                                                               

Preference for Vacation

  • The preferred season for Indian beach vacationers is summer at 55%, while they rank 3rdglobally in taking vacations during winters at 30%, preceded by Mexico at 41% and Canada at 33%
  • 71% of Indians took a beach vacation in the past year, ranking 3rd behind, Malaysians (77%) and Brazilians (73%)
  • The highest likelihood for beach vacations over the next year comes from Indians at 95%, closely followed by South Koreans at 92%. Travelers from Denmark are least likely to take a beach vacation (44%)
  • Beach vacation is most important (critically/very important) for Brazilians (77%) and Indians (61%)
  • Indians have the highest percentage of people globally who would prefer to take a ski/mountain holiday (19%) or an adventure sports vacation (9%, tied with  Ireland); while almost the lowest globally in historic/cultural sightseeing at 18%

Vacation Planning: Where are we headed?

  • A slight majority of Indians choose destinations away from crowds at 53%, followed by Brazil (42%) and Mexico (41%)
  • 39% of Indians prefer to go to a location popular with celebrities (shoots, etc.)
  • 37% of Indians opt for places where drinking is permitted 3rd, after Brazil at 46% and UK at 40%
  • Indians show the highest likelihood globally to choose locations with plenty of singles (36%)
  • 21% of Indians plan for destinations with ‘no kids allowed,’ ranking 4th after Brazil (27%), South Korea (23%) and Mexico (22%)
  • Malaysians (60%) are the nationality most likely to have cancelled/changed their destination because the beach wasn’t clean enough. Indians rank5thglobally at 35%, while those in UK and Sweden are the lowest at 4%

Getting beach ready:Not in shape? No vacation!

  • 40% of Indians start working out before heading for a beach vacation, with this trend being led by Brazil with 48% and Mexico and South Korea with 44% each
  • Indians are most conscious about their hairdo, with 37% of Indians getting their hair done before their beach vacation, followed by Brazilians (32%)
  • 27% of Indians go for tanning before vacations. Norway leads this trend, with 37% of people doing so before vacations
  • Indians are the top Spa lovers, with 30% of Indians going for treatments before heading to their beach vacation, followed by Singapore at 17%
  • Indians are most conscious about their shape; 26% of Indians have postponed their vacation just to get more time to get in shape before their vacation. Malaysians follow their lead, with 23% postponing their vacation for this reason

So what do we do @ The Beach? We love having fun!

  • Indians are among the most fun loving people when on vacation, with the highest percentage of any nationality being involved in various activities such as Spa (47%), playing volleyball (43%), water sports (52%) and running (65%)
  • India has the second highest percentage of shopping lovers on vacation, with 76% of people indulging in shopping while on vacation. Singapore tops the trend, at 78%
  • India stands third when it comes to enjoying nightlife/dancing, with 51% of Indians going for it, led by Brazillians at 64% and Mexicans at 57%
  • The top five activities that Indians indulge in at the beach include walking at 85%, swimming-67%, running/jogging-65%, People-watching- 62%, and sunbathing at 53%

Going bold on the beach…

  • Intimacy with strangers (18%) is among the ways Indians typically indulge themselves on beach vacations... The trend is led by Singapore with 20% of people indulging in the same


Besides the beach…

  • The top three activities for Indians at the destination besides the beach activities include shopping (76%), enjoying local cuisine (70%), and visiting nearby historical towns/cities/ruins (68%)

Ready, Steady, Cheese!

  • 57% Indians share their photos on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, a trend led by Malaysians (68% )
  • 54% of Indians email/text photos to family/friends, followed by South Korea at 51% and the US at 47%
  • 34% blog about their experience, sharing photos/videos, a trend led by South Koreans with 39%

Survey Methodology                        

This survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Expedia.com from April 19 to May 15, 2013 among 8,606 adults, 18 and older, in the following countries: the United States (505), Canada (1,285), Mexico (402), Brazil (305), United Kingdom (400), Germany (401), France (401), Italy (418), Spain (500), Norway (301), Sweden (301), Denmark (304), Ireland (330), Netherlands (305), Japan (353), India (485), South Korea (300), Singapore (305), Malaysia (301), Australia (402) and New Zealand (302). This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. In order to qualify to take the full survey, respondents either took a beach vacation in the past 12 months or are likely to take a beach vacation in the next 12 months.



Figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents’ propensity to be online. Each country was weighted using propensity scores* and/or demographic data to reflect the country’s employed adult population as a whole. Exceptions to this are Brazil, Singapore and Mexico, which were weighted to reflect the online populations of each country. In India, only three regions were surveyed: Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad/ Chennai/ Bangalore. These three regions were then weighted together to reflect their population size. For the global 21-country total, an additional post-weight was applied to adjust for the relative size of each country’s adult population.


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