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On April 28, 2015 at 05:46 AM

Your travel companion @ your wrist

The only OTA app that guides you through your journey with cross device experience on Apple watch, Mobile and Tablet

New Delhi- April 27, 2015: Travel now has become more of a need than a luxury and Expedia applications are the perfect travel companion and guide which help you in seamless travel experience. Applications serve as a handy tool to make travel arrangements while you are preparing or already on holiday. In addition, it also ends the hustle & bustle of pulling confirmation emails to find flight and hotel details by allowing you to check all trip details in one place. To address travelers evolving needs, the Expedia smart device apps are specifically optimized for mobile exploration and browsing and introduce a handful of unique features.


Expedia today announced its Apple Watch app that enables you to travel like a pro. The app on Apple Watch will provide travelers with quick access to important travel information on the go. Designed for quick and easy interaction, the app delivers personalized trip data and alerts to travelers’ wrists for every stage of the journey. Key features include:

·           The App:Things you can do-

o   Check itineraries for upcoming trips

o   Get detailed flight and hotel information

o   For flights:

§  One can see departure and arrival times

§  Gate numbers and terminals

§  Baggage claim belt information 

o   For hotels:

§  Get details on check-in and check-out times

§  Maps

§  Directions

§  Phone numbers

·           Glances: Simply swipe up on the watch face and scroll left or right to access the information you need. See the most relevant reservation information at a glance-

o   Hotel check-in times

o   Addresses and maps

·           Notifications:Receive over 20 different types of alerts for flight status, gate changes, hotel check-in and check-out, car rental pick-up and drop-off times and more.


Expedia helps you to get complete travel assistance through 360degree support with its app on Apple watch along with the mobile and tab platforms as well. The cross device experience makes it easier research on one, while booking on another and travelling with a third one. The apps help you navigate and keep you updated on your travel schedule.


Itinerary Features

The itinerary feature enables your travel plan’s integration in your calendar & Passbook and works as your personal assistant with regular reminders and useful information while you are on the move. It is available even the phone is not connected to the Internet / on Airplane Mode. Some of the important notifications and information it pulls out for you includes:

·           Reminder 2hrs before departure time

·           Airport Terminal for departure

·           Important changes (flight delay/cancellation)

·           Pulls out other available flights real time

·           Directions to the respective airport terminal

·           Boarding gate no for your flight

·           Baggage claim belt after de-boarding

·           Tells you when you are close to the hotel

·           Directions to the hotel



·           Single Search Box: Eliminate hefty search interfaces, the tablet app offers a single search box to do the lifting. Enters a city name, landmark, or airport code, the app will surface hotels and flights relevant to that query – no dates or specific details are required at the start.

First-Ever Combined Hotel & Flight Travel Search:For the first time in the industry, combined search has arrived for the travel market.  Rather than searching for trips in a rigid, linear progression of flights then hotels, or hotels then flights, Expedia introduced one combined search that provides both hotel and flight results simultaneously, available all in one glance.

·           Collections:Expedia presents various themed travel destinations to spark interest in future journeys. Collections offer customers the opportunity to explore vacation destinations they may not have otherwise considered. Beautiful locations come to life in a particularly compelling way on tablet devices. Collections offer a rich combination of design, mobility and travel research. Content is catered to various regions and will be updated based on traveler feedback.

·           Integrated Trip Planning, Booking, & Data, Shared Across Devices:Expedia introduced Scratchpad which is an easy way to keep track of your travel searches. When a traveler is signed into an Expedia app, trips researched on a tablet device will appear on the desktop or mobile Scratchpad. This allows travelers to begin their travel planning from where they left off – on any device. 

About Expedia

Expedia is the world's largest full service online travel agency with localized sites in 31 countries. Expedia is a one-stop solution for all travel needs, with a comprehensive and distinctive suite of travel solutions covering over 435,000 hotels, 5000 holiday activities and 400+airlines worldwide. Expedia helps consumers not only book flights, hotels, buses and tourist attractions globally, but also provides services like visa and car rentals, supported by a 24x7 call centre in India. The portal also features over 350,000+ independent and verified traveller reviews; the portal allows access to reviews by Indian travellers, to help consumers make an apt hotel choice.

Expedia enables its consumers to not only create their own packages but also receive the best discounts on creating packages availing their inventory. Expedia was the first one to offer products like ‘Build your trip’, Last minute sales, Hotel sales, that have now become industry standards in India. The portal is known for offering up to 70% discounts on hotel tariffs even during peak season and distinct deals on booking through the Expedia mobile app. Expedia operates across 31 points of sale globally. 


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